Powerball Lottery delivers 5 million to Florida Youth

Powerball Lottery delivers $235 million to Florida Youth

The Powerball lottery awarded $235 million in prize money to a lucky 23-year-old who resides in Land O ‘Lakes, Florida. The drawing was held on March 27, but it was not until a few hours ago that 23-year-old Thomas Yi showed up at the Powerball offices to validate the ticket identity.

Thomas Yi chose to receive his winnings in one lump sum. Now after deducting the tax he took home about $ 160 million.

“Even after matching all six numbers, I was incredulous and took my ticket to a retailer to have it checked,” Yi told the Florida Lottery. “The clerk at the counter was instantly excited and repeated that I had won the Powerball jackpot of $235 million. Then I knew that this would change my life”.

Thus, Yi became the youngest person to win a Powerball prize in Florida. However, the money will not change your immediate plans as your goal is to complete university studies in a branch related to medicine.

Yi purchased her jackpot-winning ticket at Publix, located at 16560 North Nebraska Avenue in Lutz. The retailer will receive a bonus commission of $ 95,000 for selling the winning Powerball ticket.

Odds of winning the Powerball grand prize are 1 in 292,201,338. Powerball drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday.

Florida Lottery drawings are broadcast on 17 stations across the state and available to view on their website, where winning numbers are also posted.

These are the top 10 Powerball prizes

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▪ $768.4 million, March 27, 2019, Wisconsin.

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▪ $590.5 million, May 18, 2013, Florida.

▪ $587.5 million, November 28, 2012, Arizona and Missouri.

▪ $564.1 million, February 11, 2015, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Texas.

▪ $559.7 million, January 6, 2018, New Hampshire.

▪ $550 million (estimated for January 13, 2021).

▪ $487.0 million, July 30, 2016, New Hampshire.

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