Outrage in Social Networks over the leak of death of Álex Casademunt

Outrage in Social Networks over the leak of death of Álex Casademunt

This Wednesday, the world of music has woken up in shock after knowing the death of Alex Casademunt, participant in the first edition of Triumph operation, the well-known musical talent show.

The artist, from solo 39-year-old had an accident with his motorcycle on Tuesday night. The severity of his injuries ended his life, as confirmed by his representation agency, Telegenia, well into the morning. However, users of various social networks are revolutionized by the how the news was unofficially released.

An Instagram user, who has deleted the account hours later, reported the events assuring that an acquaintance had told him.

“Alex has just died in a traffic accident in Mataró Park. An acquaintance in emergencies has communicated it. I have been the first to report it. He has hit a bus,” he said in several posts.

Immediately after, this way in which the news has been known has spread like wildfire, unleashing outrage.

“If what about Álex Casademunt is true and the family has had to find out earlier through social networks than through a call or in person of those who have attended him, I hope that put a good demand on the person who has leaked the information,” highlights a Twitter user.

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