NY State Attorney General sues Amazon, pointing out deficiencies in new Corona measures and retaliatory measures against Employees

NY State Attorney General sues Amazon, pointing out deficiencies in new Corona measures and retaliatory measures against Employees

Attorney General Letitia James of New York has unfairly disciplined and dismissed an employee who complained that Amazon had failed to take proper health and safety measures at two facilities in the state.

He insisted that he filed a lawsuit with the New York Supreme Court.

James began investigating Amazon in March 2020. According to his office, it initially focused on the situation at Staten Island’s shipping center and Queens’ distribution center (which employs more than 5,000 employees in total), but later dismissed and disciplined employees. It is said that the investigation will be expanded to.

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In a statement, James said:

Amazon and its CEO made billions of dollars during the crisis, but hard-working employees were forced to endure dangerous environments and justified these concerns. The employee who stated in was retaliated. It’s clear that Amazon has focused more on profits than people and has neglected to ensure the health and safety of its employees since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection. It means that the workers who have moved and maintained the country during the pandemic continue to receive the worst treatment. As we hold responsibility for Amazon’s actions, my office will continue to focus on protecting New York workers from all forms of exploitation and unfair treatment.

Amazon filed a proceedings against James last week, claiming that workplace safety is a US federal issue and she has no authority to sue.

“As we showed in last week’s case, we are deeply concerned about the health and safety of our employees, and we believe the Attorney General’s case is not an accurate representation of Amazon’s industry-leading pandemic response. “We do,” Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel said in a statement.

The proceedings violate state law that Amazon provides for proper cleaning and disinfection and contact tracking, allowing employees to “give time to work on health, hygiene, social distance, and necessary cleaning.” He is complaining that he did not change the policy.

The proceedings also warned Christian Smalls of his dismissal (which he himself is suing) and Derrick Palmer as “quick retaliation for worker dissatisfaction.” It points out that.

According to James’ office, the proceedings changed Amazon’s policy, paid Smalls unpaid salaries and damages and reinstated him, and claimed damages to Palmer, and “as a result of Amazon’s illegal activity. He says he is seeking a waiver of the profits he has earned.

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