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Nocilla launches “Nocilla Cookies”, the Recipe inspired by the Creations of her Fans

Nocilla expands its range of products with the launch of a very special product: its Nocilla Cookies. This is a milestone for the brand, which has created, to the delight of its fans, the “most anticipated cookies” and with the longest history in our country.

Cookies with a creamy filling of Nocilla without palm oil, with a crunchy dough and with delicious seeds on top.A recipe inspired by the thousands of creations that its fans prepare in their homes, and which are one more example of the effort for innovation in the brand, as well as its active listening when offering what its consumers demand. The result: irresistible flavored cookies that will delight all fans of the brand.

“They are highly anticipated cookies, since our consumers” nocille “their cookies very frequently at home. They are the ones who have made cookies one of the most faithful companions of Nocilla, and that is why these Cookies are a tribute to all our consumers” indicates Amalia Cervantes, Marketing Manager at Nocilla.

The product is presented in two varieties: Nocilla Cookies Original – filled with Nocilla Original – and Nocilla Cookies Blancas – filled with White Nocilla.

Likewise, the product is offered in two formats: Cookies and Mini Cookies, which represent a turning point at the level of innovation, since they are the first cookies of their category filled with cream on the market.

With this range the brand wants to adapt to all kinds of preferences and moments of consumption, with formats that allow you to enjoy them wherever you want – both inside and outside the home – and at the time of day that you most want, both to “snack” and in the snack.

Each Nocilla Cookies pack contains 6 cookies and they are already available at the usual points of sale at a RRP of € 1.99.

Cookies Original are also presented in a 4-unit format with a RRP of € 1.25. In the case of Mini Cookies, they are presented in both flavors in packs with 8 units each, with a RRP of € 1, and for the Original flavor there is a special format with 4 bags to take away, which contain 5 cookies each. a RRP of € 2.49.

A great challenge at the level of innovation and development

The preparation of this recipe has been a great challenge for the brand’s R&D team, since the biscuit had to combine great crunchiness with a creamy Nocilla filling, and retain all its properties from the moment they leave the oven until they reach consumers’ homes. And all this while preserving the best flavor of Nocilla and without palm oil.

“The challenge was enormous. Maintaining the authentic flavor and creaminess of Nocilla as always in a new format. The result is the combination of a very crunchy cookie with 35% creamy Nocilla, which we are sure will not disappoint the fans of the brand, which had been waiting for such a product for a long time,” says Jose Serrano, Nocilla’s R&D manager.

One more member of the Nocilla family

The new Nocilla cookies represent the brand’s latest addition to its family of products, and Nocilla’s first foray into the cookie industry.

Its product portfolio includes varieties of creams, with Nocilla Original, Nocilla Chocoleche – the one with two flavors, Original and Milk-, Nocilla Leche – 100% Nocilla white – and Nocilla 0% added sugars, in its Original and Chocoleche versions.

It also has Nocilla Sticks, which combine cocoa cream with bread sticks, and which is available in Original and Chocoleche flavors, and its Nocilla Profesional product range, aimed exclusively at the hospitality sector with specific solutions to their needs.

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