More than 5 Sexual Abuse complaints against Andrés Roemer

More than 5 Sexual Abuse complaints against Andrés Roemer

Although there were already complaints against him, the bomb exploded on February 15 with the testimony of Itzel, who in 2020 accused him of sexual harassment before the Gender Unit of Grupo Salinas.

The instance carried out an investigation for which it cited organizations such as #MeTooMéxico and Periodistas Unidas Mexicanas, in which complaints against Roemer had already been filed.

Itzel revealed in a video posted on YouTube that the investigation concluded in December that “Andrés Roemer is a pathological sexual assailant who attacks women.”

In her video, the dancer recounts her experience with the founder of La Ciudad de las Ideas: they met just during this event where they exchanged phones. Days later, he met her in a cafeteria so that the dance could tell him about her work projects, but at the last minute he changed the place of the appointment: his house.

After offering her a glass of alcohol (which Itzel declined as she said she had to drive her motorcycle), she started talking about her projects, but Roemer started interrupting her with awkward compliments about how sexy a woman riding looks like. motorcycle.

During the “talk” Andrés Roemer interrupted her on several occasions to make comments of a sexual tone, until the host of the program Head, from ADN40 touched her without her consent.

“He started stroking my legs, massaging my legs near the groin and touching his penis. Touching and / or arousing and / or masturbating, sometimes you need details and I don’t have them, for me it was a bit of everything”, Itzel Schnaas relates in her video.

By then the dancer was already very nervous, so she ended the interview, but not before receiving “a few thousand pesos” from Roemer, who told her: “you arrive at our next meeting with a skirt that I have bought for you. This is how the doctor says goodbye, not without first adding kisses and daring caresses or lack of the slightest respect”.

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