Michelle Salas reveals details of the operation that will be done after an accident

Michelle Salas reveals details of the Operation that will be done after an Accident

Michelle Salas confirmed that her knee operation is unavoidable after she tore the cruciate ligament in her right knee while skiing in Vail.

Michelle Salas reappeared on social networks after reporting a few days ago that she will undergo a knee operation after the spectacular accident she suffered while enjoying her vacation in Vail, Colorado.

Luis Miguel’s daughter said that she has followed all the doctors’ instructions to avoid aggravating the injury to the ligament of her right knee, which will take several months to fully rehabilitate.
“With the issue of the accident I have been mentalizing myself, trying to see the positive side. I have advanced quite well, I have been a bit more deflated, but that does not mean that I have to have surgery, so I have started with the exercises that I have to do to prepare.

“Next week I have two appointments with two different doctors to decide which one I want to operate on and I will keep them informed,” said the model through her Instagram stories.

Michelle Salas appreciated the affection and concern she has received after her accident, in addition to recognizing that these moments are not easy due to the lifestyle she had before her accident.

“For me, as I am a super hyperactive person, this is very difficult, sitting down, unable to walk well. But I’m not going to put down and I’m not going to see it as a bad thing. Not to grasp the negative but the positive of what this chapter of my life has to teach me, “he said.

The 31-year-old influencer also confessed that the surgery has made her nervous, but despite this she maintains the best attitude: “I’m a little nervous, but everything will be fine. We are going to return stronger than ever, I am going to take care of my diet ”.

Michelle Salas
Michelle Salas

Last weekend Michelle Salas announced on social media that she had suffered a spectacular fall while skiing in Vail, Colorado.

“I am not sharing this type of news but I felt the need to tell you about it as it will be a very long and a bit tedious recovery. A few days ago I had a skiing accident and I broke the cruciate ligament in my right knee. Thank God it did not happen I will be older but I will have an operation and several months of therapy ahead, which for someone who loves to exercise and be active all the time is not an easy task,” she explained.

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