Jonfer will not fight Isaac Cruz: Molina option is reactivated

Jonfer will not fight Isaac Cruz: Molina option is reactivated

Everything was done, even the bills were taken out. Jon Fernández and his coach, Tinín Rodríguez, were ready to fly to the United States and there to make a six-week preparation for the Basque to face Isaac Cruz, but ultimately it won’t happen.

The restrictions on entry to the United States for European citizens have put an end to that fight as confirmed by Óscar Zardaín on Twitch. “There won’t be that fight. It’s a shame because it was all signed for Jon to fight Isaac Cruz on March 13“, he pointed.

For his part, the boxer, also present in the live show, showed his disappointment at the news. “I am a little annoyed, but the situation with the pandemic is very strange and it is what we have to live.”

“There is no other option but to move forward and see if another fight comes out soon. In December, a week before Christmas, they told me and the next day I was in Madrid training. The fight against Cruz was at the best moment, because he was very high. I was focused and highly motivated“, he recognized.

Despite the important setback from Maravillabox they are already looking to the future. For many months there has been talk of the possibility that Jonfer and Samuel Molina, current champion of Spain of the lightweight, faces. The fight is very morbid.

They are the top two prospects in the category and I would sell. There is interest on both sides. “This week I have been talking with Álex Heredia, Samuel’s manager. There is that possibility to do it before summer and we want to sign a pre-contract“, pointed out Zardaín.

Meanwhile, Jonfer was clear: “It is a fight that I would like, but I will be honest: twice we have been waiting for the contract to be sent to be done. Until it is signed I do not want to take anything for granted“, he affirmed.

The plan seems clear, but it will be necessary to see if it ends up crystallizing. Of course, from Maravillabox they also believe that the Basque should “make a fight before”, since he has not boxed since February 2020 and that day he knocked out his opponent in an assault.

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