Janet Yellen says G20 must help Poor Countries buy Coronavirus Vaccines

Janet Yellen says G20 must help Poor Countries buy Coronavirus Vaccines

The Secretary of the Treasury of U.S, Janet Yellen, on Thursday called on the G20 countries to increase the help they give to poor countries to improve access to vaccines against coronavirus considering that it is a way of stimulating the world economy.

“I urged countries to increase the aid they give”, claimed Yellen who argued that “a rapid vaccination program that is truly global is going to be the strongest stimulus that can be given to the world economy.”

Some Important Updates

  • Biden repeals Trump measure that banned migrants for “risk to the labor market”.
  • The United States registers 2,337 deaths and 71,836 new coronavirus infections in one day.
  • The United States will distribute 25 million masks against the coronavirus.

More World Updates

  • Israel reveals coronavirus mortality decreased by 98.9% among those vaccinated with doses of Pfizer.
  • UK Ambassador: “It is important for us that AstraZeneca can negotiate with Peru with transparency”.
  • “From the Colombia of drug traffickers to NASA”, the outrageous headline of an Italian newspaper.
  • The “VIP vaccination” scandal grows in Argentina and reaches the Justice.
  • Charts showing the size of the number of deaths from covid-19 in the US.

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