Isabel Preysler

Isabel Preysler: “the queen of hearts” turns 70

Isabel preysler celebrates seventy years at the top of a fame founded on the public and journalistic interest for his personal and family life, being “Queen of hearts“, A throne that he represents since he married Julio Iglesias in January 1971. And it is that Preysler became known five decades ago with an exchange of alliances with Julio Iglesias and, after two other marriages and five children, now he shares his life with the writer and Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa.

The life that we know of the Filipina is the one that she herself has told exclusively on the couché paper since her parents decided to send her to study in Madrid with 17 years to keep her from a youthful love. Tall, slim, of exotic beauty and with a polished mane, the young woman settled in the house of her maternal aunt, married to Ambassador Miguel Pérez Rubio.

The loves of his life

In Madrid’s high society, she met Carmen Martínez Bordiu, Franco’s granddaughter, who became her best friend. Together they left guateques and in one of them, the Preysler met Julio Iglesias. About to turn twenty, he married. A marriage that ended in 1978 after the birth of three children, Chábeli, Julio José and Enrique for the singer’s absences and also for his infidelities. “Julio cheated on him and that’s why Mommy had to leave him, because Uncle Julio was unable not to cheat on him,” explained his daughter Tamara Falcó on the television program “My house is yours.” Thus, Isabel Preysler regained her freedom and took charge of her life. “I did not begin to see the world until I separated from Julio Iglesias,” he has said on several occasions.

In 1980 she began a romantic relationship with Carlos Falcó, Marquis de Griñón – who died in March 2020 – a “perfect” relationship, as she defines it, which ended in 1984, with a single daughter in common, Tamara Falco. Then he crossed his path Miguel Boyer, then Minister of Economy and Finance of the Socialist Government of Felipe González. After a great social uproar and many open wounds, both opted for a discreet civil wedding on January 2, 1988. They had in common their hija Ana Boyer and they remained together for 27 years, until the death of the former minister in 2014, two years after suffering a stroke from which the economist had recovered, although he had mobility problems.

Miguel Boyer and his wife, Isabel Preysler, in a 1991 image
Miguel Boyer and his wife, Isabel Preysler, in a 1991 image

Isabel Preysler was widowed at the age of 63. Sad days in which she turned to her children and grandchildren, the occasional social event and the launch of a cosmetic line that she presented in one of the living rooms of her home in Puerta de Hierro, surrounded by works by Chillida and Miró. And between project and project, once again, the machinery of love was started and appeared Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa with whom he now lives in Madrid.

Mario Vargas LLosa and Isabel Preysler leave the Royal Academy of Language after attending the opening ceremony of the academic year, in Madrid, on October 7, 2020.
Mario Vargas LLosa and Isabel Preysler leave the Royal Academy of Language after attending the opening ceremony of the academic year, in Madrid, on October 7, 2020.Francisco Guerra Europa Press

Style and glamor icon

At 70 years of age, she continues to wear a porcelain face and her body is the result of good genetics that she says is easy for her to maintain: “I don’t like depriving myself of things that I love, but I don’t get fat because I’m not still for a minute”.

She has been leading the lists of the most stylish women in our country for many years. Her beauty and elegance have proclaimed her queen of hearts, she is an icon of fashion, parties and photocalls desire her … Over the years, this Filipina has managed to become a reference of style, glamor and good manners. .

This same week he shows that he maintains the same pull as the cover of the magazine ‘Hello’, in which he assures about the relationship he maintains with his ex-husbands that “the best recipe is not to fight for the economic part“And that” when you have children, you have to try to maintain a good relationship above all else. “


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