INFONAVIT: what to do if you lost your job and how many monthly payments you can skip

INFONAVIT: what to do if you lost your job and how many monthly payments you can skip

The COVID-19 pandemic fueled unemployment in the country.

As part of the payment solutions of the social collection model led by the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (INFONAVIT) by 2021, there are facilities for people without a formal job. The scheme of flexible unemployment support offers different modalities to continue with the payment or process the temporary suspension of the mortgage loan.

Through the modalities, the accredited You have the freedom to choose on a monthly basis which modality to stick to to stabilize your situation and keep up to date. There are three different options:

If the person has reached the end of an employment relationship with the employer, but develops a remunerated activity or has the economic capacity to continue with the payment of the loan, you can cover your monthly payments in a timely manner. Since the collection is no longer made through the payroll discount, It is the responsibility of the borrower to go in person to authorized establishments.

Infonavit has different solutions for paying the mortgage (Photo: Pixabay)

Infonavit has different solutions for paying the mortgage (Photo: Pixabay) 

In this way, the payment of the amount established in the loan granting contract, as well as the damage insurance can be covered in banking institutions with the data:

– CLABE: 021180550300050811

– Destination bank: HSBC

– The number 5503, in the field that asks for the reference or numerical reference and that you can distinguish because it does not admit more than 7 digits.

– Your credit number, It consists of 10 digits, in the field named as: payment concept, payment reason or alphanumeric reference, among others.

Further, credit payment can also be made in supermarkets, pharmacies and other establishments. For this you must provide the cashier with the credit number or show the account statement. The minimum amount to pay is 50 pesos and no commission is charged.

Payment protection fund

If only part of the monthly payment can be covered, the Payment Protection Fund, can be used to complete the amount. However, the benefit can be used by a maximum period of six months every five years. This modality is available only for credits granted as of 2009.

INFONAVIT and solutions to overdue payments (Photo: Twitter @ Infonavit)

INFONAVIT and solutions to overdue payments (Photo: Twitter @ Infonavit) 

To request it, the person must have, at least one month of unemployment, as long as it has not been for pension, retirement, disability or disability. In case of meeting the condition, you must enter the site My Infonavit account and consult the section “Balances and Movements” where you can know the amount required for the application of the benefit. Then the corresponding payment must be made.

Partial extension

In the case of not having the possibility of making any deposit, INFONAVIT offers the possibility of processing the extension. Then, it will be applied in a period of no more than four months. According to the institution’s website “You are entitled to this support up to a maximum of 12 consecutive months and up to 24 during the life of the loan.”

However, it is important to mention that if you opt for the full extension of the credit, 100% of the interest for the period will accrue.

INFONAVIT also offers solutions to overdue payments in case of disability (Photo: Twitter @ Infonavit)

INFONAVIT also offers solutions to overdue payments in case of disability (Photo: Twitter @ Infonavit) 

For more information about the INFONAVIT Flexipago for unemployment the Institute enabled the telephone line 55 9171 5050, for Mexico City, and 800 008 3900 from any other entity in the country. In both cases, the shortcut to follow to learn more about the program is:

– Option 1: General menu

– Option 1: Workers

– Option 1: You have a credit / Credit number

– Option 2: You lost your job

– Option 1: Unemployment coverage benefits

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