The lyrics of the themes of Faraón Love Shady They are horrible, they don’t rhyme, they can be very unpleasant. “I am the most handsome man in the world, whoever says no, has to fuck off”, sings in “I’m handsome.” “You and I on the beach, doing it without a condom, while I’m fucking you we smoke marijuana”, spits without metaphors in “Without a condom.” “How rich your pussy feels, while you are dancing twerking in my v ****”, very loose body strip in “Panocha”. In the videos, she lip-syncs out of time, has long nails and unkempt clothes, but collects more views than many who leave life trying to achieve a good image. Why?.

“I’m handsome”, Pharaoh Love Shady

What the songs of Faraón say do not differ much from so many other trap and reggaeton lyrics, although they do not strive to be catchy, or to rhyme even a little bit. They are consumed as a satire, perhaps, but it is not clear if this peculiar exponent of the urban genre does them with this objective. Does the Pharaoh laugh? It does not seem, rather it looks very serious. Everything is like that in the universe of Pharaoh Love Shady: shocking.

“He talks to me a lot about humility and about faith in things and I like it a lot,” he said. Nicky Nicole to the Peruvian Carlos Orozco in an interview for his channel, confirming that they really speak and know each other, albeit virtually. Nominated for the Latin Grammy, the artist of the moment validated her closeness to Pharaoh Love Shady confirming that this character is really becoming a figure in the entertainment world, badly despite his haters.

Nicky Nicole mentions Pharaoh Love Shady in an Instagram live

The Argentine singer is not the only star supporting the Peruvian influencer. Puerto Rican star producer and rapper Jon Z he remixed “Panocha”, and achieved an immediate viralization. It also gave him an unthinkable projection, since he was the letter of introduction in front of other greats of the genre. “I don’t understand why people are upset that me and my cousin have helped a little boy who shows that he is low-income, that he is a little boy who puts him in his own way and the song made me laugh a lot. ‘Panocha’ made me laugh a lot and I played it many times. When it makes me laugh a lot and I put it on, I like it “, Jon Z posted making it clear that for him, Pharaoh is an example of overcoming.

“Panocha”, Pharaoh Love Shady

Another who gave the go-ahead was Ozuna, who commented during a Love Shady interview on Maiky Backstage’s Instagram: “That’s what love is worth, Daddy.” The remix of “Panocha” became a trend in Peru with almost 17 million views to date, only on YouTube. Comments like “I was unwilling to do anything and bored. But now I am happy, cheerful and fun. This song lifted my spirits and made me smile. Thank you Pharaoh !!! ” or “I’m a 100% rocker, but this song has made the difference” show that the raw style and no twists of the Pharaoh is hitting hard regardless of the target.

It is not easy to decipher who the boy that hides under those colored bangs really is. He avoids talking about his private life, but some data can be elucidated. Your real name is Jesus Valley Shock, was born on August 19, 2000 in Arequipa, Peru, and lives there. The son of a farming family, Choque has six siblings about whom almost nothing is known. As he grew older, the boy became interested in music and used to get on the buses to sing, perhaps for a few coins, while also trying his luck as a street vendor. The Internet gave him the opportunity to show himself to the world and he started uploading videos on YouTube showing whatever he did in his daily life.

The trap explosion gave him a boost to his desire and the music, made in his own way, gave him the popularity that he did not have as a youtuber. In August 2019 he published “Sin condom”, it went viral and there was no going back. A few months ago he also opened his OnlyFans account in which he promises exclusive content and shows off his virile member. Although many comment on networks, no one confirms having paid the $ 20 per month that the subscription costs to actually see if what it promises is true.

When they interview him, Pharaoh Love Shady does not shrink, he knows he is a phenomenon and goes for more: “I will continue to grow, many envious and haters criticize me, they tell me that I am a meme that I am going to return to poverty, I simply laugh at them and let them keep talking. In 2019 when youtubers with two or three million followers began to criticize me, I was already viral. At that time they could say that it was a simple viral, but I continued to grow ”. How far this boy named Jesus can go, only he knows.

“Oh I’m coming”, Pharaoh Love Shady

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