How is Queen Elizabeth after the death of her husband? What close relatives say after visiting her

How is Queen Elizabeth after the death of her husband? What close relatives say after visiting her

The Countess of Wessex, wife of Prince Edward- the youngest son of Elizabeth II and the late Duke of Edinburgh, praised the monarch this Saturday after visiting her at her Windsor residence: “The queen has been incredible,” Sophie told the media, with tears in their eyes.

One day after Prince Philip’s Death, Edward and his wife stopped briefly to exchange a few words with the citizens who had gathered at the castle gates to pay tribute to the Duke.

Prince Andrew, the third of four children of Elizabeth II and Philip, also visited his mother in Windsor this morning, about 18 miles west of London.

Despite the fact that the Royal House and the Government have requested that concentrations be avoided in front of the residences of the monarchy, due to the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, some citizens have gone during the day to the gates of Windsor Castle to deposit floral offerings.

After the death of the duke, a documentary broadcast by the BBC has collected some reflections of Philip’s children about their father.

“His energy to support my mother was impressive,” says Charles of England, the queen’s first-born and heir to the British throne, in that piece.

In a brief message, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stressed that Prince Philip, Harry’s grandfather, will be greatly missed.

“I think the best I remember him is as someone who was always there. A person to whom you could throw ideas and to whom you could always go if you had problems, knowing that he would listen to you and try to help you,” said the princess. Anne.

Edward described his father as “a source of support, encouragement, and guidance.” “He never tried to stop any activity or something we wanted to try to do, he always encouraged us,” he said.

Also recalling his childhood, Prince Andrew related some intimate scenes with Philip.

“Like any other family at that time, your parents would go to work during the day, but at night, like any other family, we would get together. We would sit on a sofa in a group and he would read to us,” Andrew described.

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