Honors on Capitol Hill for Officer Who Died After Being Run Over

Honors on Capitol Hill for Officer Who Died After Being Run Over

The remains of the United States Capitol Police officer who died Friday after being run over by a man outside the federal building will be honored in the rotunda of Congress headquarters on Tuesday and President Joe Biden is expected attend the events.

Officer William ‘Billy’ F. Evans will receive a posthumous tribute in the same building he protected for 18 years.

“The United States Congress joins Americans in mourning the tragic death of one of our Capitol Police heroes, Officer Billy Evans,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Leader said in a statement. Senate Majority Chuck Schumer last week.

“By giving his life to protect our Capitol and our country, Officer Evans became a martyr for our democracy. On behalf of the entire Congress, we are deeply grateful. ”

The start of the ceremony is scheduled for 10:30 am, followed by a tribute from Congress and a wake for his fellow security forces and other members of the legislature. Due to COVID-19, only guests will be able to attend the event.

Evans and another officer were run over by a man near the federal building. According to the official version, the suspect rammed his vehicle against the agents, then against a security barrier next to the Capitol, got out of the car with a knife in his hand and ran to attack the uniformed men.

The suspect, identified as Noah Green, 25, was fatally shot at the scene by a third police officer.

The other officer who was run over survived and left the hospital days ago.

The tragic incident occurred just three months after the violent assault on Congress on January 6, which left several dead, including a Capitol Police officer who died after being attacked during the seizure.

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