Gorilla at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Gorillas at San Diego Zoo make full recovery after contracting covid

Eight gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, California, have fully recovered after contracting COVID-19 last month and are ready to receive visitors, the zoo reported.

Los Angeles (USA), Feb 16 – Eight gorillas at the Safari Park zoo in San Diego, California, have fully recovered after contracting covid-19 last month and are ready to receive visitors, according to the zoo.

Primates contracted the variant of the coronavirus from the west coast, in the United States, according to zoo officials, despite the fact that during the pandemic they have been subjected to all the health security systems recommended by the authorities, according to local media.
The eight gorillas were detained after the diagnosis was confirmed and some of them were found to show symptoms including “mild cough, congestion, runny nose and intermittent lethargy,” the zoo explained.

Zoo workers believe that the gorilla’s recovery has come about thanks to the special attention given to them by the veterinary team at these facilities in Southern California, who have worked closely with a wide range of outside professionals.

“We are very grateful for the great concern and support we have received as the group recovered safely,” said Lisa Peterson, executive director of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, before adding, that they are “delighted to share the joy that these animals bring our community and our guests. ”
The San Diego Zoo has pledged to share documentation of the coronavirus in its gorillas in the hope that it will help “provide important information on the scientific understanding of the virus and its effects on great apes,” the sources add.

The primates could have been infected with covid by one of the zookeepers who tested positive on January 11.
Park staff tested the animals’ fecal samples for the coronavirus, which tested positive for the so-called Californian variant of the virus.
This is a fast-spreading strain linked to cases in San Diego and other parts of the California state.