George Floyd’s family will receive compensation of $ 27 million in compensation from the city of Minneapolis, where the African American was murdered.

After the events, Floyd’s relatives filed a civil lawsuit against the American city. Thus arose the agreement between the parties.

After the trial against the former police officer, Floyd’s brother, Rodney Floyd, said that “the agreement is a necessary step so that all of us can begin to turn the page. George’s legacy, to those of us who loved him, will always be his spirit of optimism that things can get better, and we hope this deal does just that: make things a little better in Minneapolis and keep a light on. for communities across the country ”.

Last Tuesday, April 20, the Hennepin County court in Minnesota found former officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all his charges for having murdered the African-American, George Floyd, who was barely 46 years old at the time of his death.

Chauvin faced a trial made up of 45 witnesses and a 12-member jury, including seven women and five men.

The charges brought against him were: second degree manslaughter, second degree murder and third degree murder.

Almost a year after the crime that extinguished George Floyd’s life comes the trial where justice is finally done on his behalf, that of his family and that of the African American people.

According to a report by Europa Press, the sentence against former police officer Derek Chauvin will be read on June 16.

Currently, the defendant is in prison in custody, where he will be for eight weeks, while the process continues and the judge issues an official sentence, with which Derek Chauvin could remain in prison for up to 75 years.

Ben Crump, attorney for Floyd’s family told the press at the end of the trial that this is one of the “largest” agreements that have been concluded in the history of civil rights in the United States.

He also assured that this means “a powerful message about the importance of black lives, at the same time that police brutality against them must end.”

George Floyd died on May 25, 2020 in the Powderhorn neighborhood of the city of Minneapolis as a result of his arrest by four local police officers.

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