First scandal in Famous Cut and Dressmaking: after a tough return, Nora Cárpena resigned

First scandal in Famous Cut and Dressmaking: after a tough return, Nora Cárpena resigned

Nora Cárpena resigned from the famous cut and dressmaking industry, according to Ángel de Brito

The reality show seem to be designed for scandals, or scandals fit the bill for realities. In any way, Famous Cut and Dressmaking (El Trece) already has its first great controversy, after two weeks of broadcast: the resignation of Nora Cárpena.

The actress was one of twelve celebrities who shine in every broadcast of the show. The rest of the staff of competitors make up Marcos “Bicho” Gómez, María Fernanda Callejón, Barbie Vélez, Ximena Capristo, Mario Guerci, Anita Martínez, “El Tucu” López, Aníbal Pachano, Adriana Salgueiro, Miriam Lanzoni Y Pachu Peña.

But this afternoon the journalist Ángel de Brito revealed this desertion on his Twitter account: “Nora Carpena resigned from Celebrity Dressmaking”, He wrote without giving further explanations.

Angel de Brito's tweet with the news of Nora Cárpena's resignation (Photo: Twitter @angeldebritoOK)

Angel de Brito’s tweet with the news of Nora Cárpena’s resignation (Photo: Twitter @angeldebritoOK) 

After nine submissions and their corresponding challenges, Cárpena had the lowest score of all the participants: just 67 points to close the leaderboard.

This Thursday the challenge was a group challenge and each of the crews had to make costumes for the cast of a musical. Cárpena teamed up with Ximena Capristo, María Fernanda Callejón, Aníbal Pachano, Anita Martínez and “Tucu” López, with the mission of making costumes for the classic Mamma Mia.

And although this group was the winner of the duel, the criticism from the jury -composed by Benito Fernández, Fabián Zitta Y Veronica de la Canal– For Cárpena’s work they were very hard.

"We wanted to make it sporty,

“We wanted to make it sporty,” Nora Cárpena explained when presenting her model in this Thursday’s challenge 

“I tried to make the pants oxford. I asked Tucu López for help, who painted it with his little hands, he helped me with that. We wanted to make it sporty ”, Nora summed up at the presentation of her model.

The first to give him a return was Benito Fernández: “I really like the design, it is balanced. I don’t think your work was neat anyway, because it is quite well done. This is where I have to lower your points. I saw Tucu’s intervention, that adds up … but it remains because I don’t think you have done this. For me it’s a 5″, He scored.

Meanwhile, Fabián Zitta was less friendly: “I think the high one is thinking well, the low one maybe I don’t like that much. And, perhaps, the painting … I would not have added that ”. At this point, Cárpena justified himself: “But it seemed to me that when I was working as a team, I asked a colleague for help …”. “Teamwork is not about imitating your partner, but you have to adapt to the sloganZitta snapped.

However, Matilda Blanco as workshop manager, contradicted the jury: “This can officially be done. Another can help his partner because it is teamwork”. Likewise, Tucu López also defended it: “Perhaps this is not understood because it is the first pass, but the idea was that all the designs had a color, as the common thread of the presentation.”

Nora Cárpena in Famous Dressmaking

“What is missing is for Matilda and the participants to teach me about design. Well I don’t like it, it’s a 4 for todayZitta closed vehemently.

Lastly, Verónica was a bit more conciliatory but at the same time blunt: “I see it very neatly done, but it seems to me that you grabbed a diver from one place, the pants from another and that more or less they fit into a set. They are two garments that have nothing to do with each other”.

At the moment, Nora Cárpena did not comment on the resignation and her decision is striking. “At this point in life, new things appearing to you and giving you possibilities for something new is interesting. Because you think you’ve lived it all, “he had said at the shipping debut.

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