Fideal Albiac, 47 years being the ‘bad guy’

Fideal Albiac, 47 years being the ‘Bad Guy’

We have been hearing for years that Fidel Albiac is the villain of the film, the person who has “food on his head” for Rocío Carrasco and the person who is guilty of her having no relationship with his family. The truth is that we have never heard him speak publicly, he has always remained in the background and has let his partner take center stage on camera.Fidel was born in Seville on February 14, 1973 and the truth is that he has been with the daughter of Rocío Jurado for many years, who by the way did not like at all that his Rocío was sharing her life with him, with the who has started a life project. The singer showed her displeasure to her closest friends for the couple who had her daughter, but the truth is that she could not do anything about it and assumed the love that existed between the two young people.

Now, the two lovebirds have more than proven to be in love, the two remain aloof from controversies and have a musical with which they pay tribute to the greatest, Rocío Jurado. Although that is not always enough, since despite having shown that their love is the best they have, they have always been blamed, especially by third parties.

Fidel Albiac has been the ‘bad guy’ for years and that label will probably not be taken from him for the rest of his life. Although he has not spoken publicly, we know the goings-on and how they act off camera, he is the one in charge of how to confront the press and thus have a most beneficial ‘public image’.

Today, he turns 48 and does so in the most discreet way, neither of them have a profile on social networks and if there is a family with whom they have a very good relationship, that is the one in the Campos and due to the restrictions of the Covid we don’t think they celebrate anything.


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