Diomedes Díaz's Widow would have received Money for her testimony for a Documentary about the Singer

Diomedes Díaz’s Widow would have received Money for her testimony for a Documentary about the Singer

The entertainment program La Red, from Caracol Televisión, told through its social networks that Consuelo Martínez, the last official couple of Diomedes Díaz, received money from an “international platform” to relate details of her life with the singer vallenato. According to the program, the money was given to him for some interviews they did for a production that they would be making about the Cacique de la Junta.

However, the woman did not tell La Red how much she would have earned from the clauses of the contract she signed, but the program assured that everything was going very well. Apparently, the initiative would be a documentary about the life of Diomedes that he would be preparing Dynamo productions, one of the most important production houses in the country and that has carried out several projects with Netlix such as Wild District, Theft of the Century, History of a Crime: Colmenares, Narcos, among others.

But there are already controversies over the audiovisual because according to El País Vallenato reported, the singer’s children assured in September 2020 that they had not been contacted by the production company, taking into account that they have the rights to use the commercial brand of Diomedes Díaz.

In addition, they said at the time that a group of journalists would be conducting the inquiries. “They have not really contacted us, we were only able to approach one of the researchers who sent Valledupar to carry out the work, and learn about my father’s story,” said Rafael Santos Díaz, son of the legendary singer.

Díaz told this medium that only he can authorize the delivery of testimonies about his father’s life because that brand belongs to them. “The name of Diomedes Díaz became a brand, and any commercial product that is going to come out must be authorized by us. It is legal and it is what we expect from them ”, the singer also concluded.

This portal explained that the documentary would not deal exclusively with Diomedes but with vallenato folklore in general, which will include Poncho Zuleta, the Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata and “everything that has to do with the folklore and culture of Valledupar”. On the other hand, the media said that Diomedes’ manager, Joaquín Guillén, affirmed that he had been contacted by investigators of the documentary, but that they were waiting for the children’s authorization.


Diomedes Díaz’s ex-women revealed what the singer’s secret was in bed

Patricia Acosta and Denis Aroca, ex-partners of the late vallenato singer and mothers of several of his children, were gathered in a gathering, and there, Amid laughter, the ‘Cacique de la Junta’ revealed intimacies, including the size of the artist’s virile member.

At the bottom of the video, in the middle of the meeting a voice is heard asking them about the best kept secret of the singer of the hit ‘Amarte Más No Pude’ and it is, if it was true that he had it big, to which Denis, without hesitation, has a more spontaneous attitude, he pointed out that he had it, “Like this and I had her humpbacked … and conga”, the woman explains with her hands.

Given the explicit way of referring to the singer, Patricia Acosta does not hide her laughter and in the middle of them she adds that the singer was well endowed, as she nods her head indicating that it was “like that, and thick.” The women also commented that their children had been short in age, confirming that the singer was with both at the same time and they were the first women the singer had.

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