Despite Covid-19, Paola Espinosa does not lose sight of the Olympic Games

Despite Covid-19, Paola Espinosa does not lose sight of the Olympic Games

“The truth is that I travel a lot, sometimes I am training for nine or ten hours in a row, that means that I see little of my girl and her three years is suddenly difficult, so the truth is that Iván and I have made a great team to understand each other, to entertain the girl and ensure that she does not have a bad time in isolation, because it is the most difficult thing, suddenly she does not understand why she stopped going to ballet or swimming, “said the medalist.

In addition, Paola said that she does not lose sight of the central objective: Continue with her preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

“Many things have been said, the IOC said that they will be carried out, but the truth is, everything is still very uncertain, there are many things that are not yet known about the virus, so for a few months I made up my mind not to get excited about the fact that the realization, nor to be discouraged if they are suspended, because the objective will always be to achieve a perfect dive, that is what I work on and more if the motivation is Mexico and to be able to bring joy now that we need good news so much, ”explained Espinosa.

Delivery, discipline and tenacity have also been part of Paola’s life in these months, in which she has had to adapt to the ‘new normal’, facing all kinds of adversities.

“We were left with no place to train because the gym where I was going burned down, we didn’t even have a mattress, the pools were closed, my trainer got mobilized and we were able to enter one to continue with the training routines but it was not easy” he confessed.

In this regard, Paola is convinced that athletes should be in the first line of vaccination, because she feels that they are a highly exposed sector.

“It is super difficult to adapt even to healthy distance measures, several people train on the same trampoline, for example, despite the socks and the installation of accessories in gyms, high-performance athletes who travel, we should be already vaccinated also so as not to expose our people, not only our families, in general, we do not want to expose Mexicans to the possibility of bringing the virus, “he explained.


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