Daughter of actor Richard Berry,

The daughter of actor Richard Berry, “relieved” after denouncing her Father

Céline Berry-Rojtman, daughter of famous French actor Richard Berry, claims to feel “relieved” after having filed a lawsuit for sexual assault against her father, whom she accuses of having raped her when she was a child.

“It may be very candid of me, but I am calm and this has reassured me. I am completely relieved,” said the 45-year-old woman in an interview on France Info station.
Berry-Rojtman explains that he has doubted on several occasions throughout his life to bring the matter to justice, in this trauma that “in certain moments” of his life he has managed to control, but that in others have been rekindled harshly and which triggered psychological problems and eating disorders.
But she assures that it has been the reading of the controversial book “The Big Family”, in which Camille Kouchner denounces the abuse of her stepfather, the famous political scientist and professor Olivier Duhamel, about her twin brother when he was a teenager, which helped her to speak.
“I felt it physically, that is, either I would report it or I would die,” explains the complainant, who explains having lived in fear of her father’s violence and harming other members of her family.
The publication in January of Kouchner’s book, which has raised a wave of testimonies in France against incest and child abuse in the family, convinced him that publicly denouncing a well-known figure could help other victims to share their experience and go to justice.
Last Thursday, Berry-Rojtman, who has the support of her mother, actress Catherine Hiegel, gave a statement for about seven hours before the Juvenile Brigade that leads the investigation opened by the Paris Prosecutor’s Office for sexual assault on a minor under 15 years and corruption of minors.

Berry, 70, a famous figure on French screens and stages for more than four decades, and who has played around 80 films (such as “L’Appat” by Bertrand Tavernier or “Une journée de merde” , by Miguel Courtois), rejects these “filthy accusations” and denies having had sexual relations with his daughter.

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