Danilo Carrera debuts as a Writer: Michelle Renaud was his great Accomplice

Danilo Carrera debuts as a Writer: Michelle Renaud was his great Accomplice

Danilo Carrera Interview after his debut as a Writer for his book ‘When nobody sees me’.

What triggers the story of When nobody sees me?

We have all had a moment like this in my life in which Santiago is totally reluctant that love exists. He begins to have a life of excesses until he is on a train in Madrid and sees eyes that catch his attention. He stares at her and she sees him too.

There is a special connection and there is something that is triggered just by looking into her eyes. Among the mass of people he approaches him and begins to speak to him. Although it sounds like a lie, these things happen in real life, and that’s how Santiago falls in love and that’s how his entire destiny changes.

How long have you been writing?

It all started when I was 7 years old, I was in the first grade of elementary school and I started to write and draw comics. I would tell my mom: ‘Talk to the owner of the newspaper to put my stories there on Sundays.’

I swore that millions of kids would read my comics and my stories and it never happened. But I loved writing them and from there at 19 I wrote my first book; At 20 I wrote the second one, which I never published and never finished polishing, and I realized that it was something I was passionate about.

I decided to throw myself four years ago to write When nobody sees me. It’s something I like and it has nothing to do with money or fame or recognition.

How was the writing process?

He wrote when he could. I was recording (the soap opera) Daughters of the moon and he wrote between scenes. Suddenly they called me: ‘Danilo, it’s your turn to record’ and I: ‘No, wait for me five minutes, this is terrific.’

Then I would get on a plane and write. My days are quite heavy, I did not have time to write. The quarantine came, which I went through with Michelle , and she said, ‘Get down to business and finish your book.’ And thanks to her, who kept me like this, I dedicated myself to writing and I had 250 pages in Word.

I arrive with the publisher and tell them: ‘I am already missing 40 percent of the book.’ They asked me how many I wanted to have the book and I told them: about 300. ‘You already have 500, a page in Word is two in a book’. To erase everything again. It has been an incredible process!

Danilo Carrera is already preparing the second part of his book.


How are you like Santiago?

We are both actors, he knows what he likes, he goes for what he wants, he has no shame, he also likes social work just like me.

For whom it is, When nobody sees me?

For a 100 percent youth audience; We are talking about girls from 14, 16 to 25 years old, but what surprises me is that many older women are reading it because they say: ‘Even though I’m 45, I want a Santiago in my life.’

It is terrific and there have been men who are already starting to buy the book and right now the most interesting thing begins: the word of mouth.

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