Cuban arrested in Miami was caught while eating congrí rice in a house that he broke into to rob. (Photo of a previous arrest of Javier López: Public Police Records)

A Cuban was arrested after he entered a Miami home with the intention of stealing several items valued at about $ 2,000. According to reports, the man was surprised by the family that lived in the house, while they ate a plate of congrí rice.

As indicated by the local media America TeVé, the man, identified as Javier López Marisy, 30, was accompanied by an accomplice, who continues without being caught.

These thieves remained for several hours in the courtyard of the house, which belongs to a Cuban couple living in the city.

The report indicated that the thieves had managed to steal a large number of tools from the patio of the house, but were discovered after they made a loud noise while trying to move some of the things.

The family that lived in the house heard the noise and went out to the patio, where they found López when he was about to eat a plate of rice that was served during the theft.

“Apart from everything they were rolling around and the tools they were able to bring, the individual served himself a plate of congrí rice from a rice cooker that we had,” said the owner of the property, identified as María González.

Among the objects that they managed to remove from the place were drills, saws and screwdrivers. The thieves tried to take an air compressor, but they were discovered before they could move it.

The police report assures that López and his accomplice entered the house on several occasions to return for more tools.

The arrest documents shown by the local media identify the arrested man as Cuban, and although the robbery occurred on March 29 on 7th Street and 32nd Avenue, in northwest Miami, the arrest occurred until April 22.

According to authorities, the Cuban has a long history of robbery and drug possession.

Although López was arrested for another crime, he could be identified because he left fingerprints at the crime scene.

The detainee was set a bond of $ 20,000 on charges of trespassing on an unoccupied dwelling, and grand theft.

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