Confused Fight Between African-American and Police at Hospital Lead to Shooting in Ohio

Confused Fight Between African-American and Police at Hospital Lead to Shooting in Ohio

The fight between police officers and a 27-year-old African-American in a room at Mount Carmel St. Ann Hospital, in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio (USA), triggered a shooting which ended with the death of the civilian identified as Miles Jackson.

In a video recorded on Monday by the body camera of a police officer, the moments leading up to the denouement are appreciated, when Miles Jackson is taken to hospital after fainting near the area.

Once admitted, the police, when verifying the young man’s documents, found that he had several pending arrest warrants and proceeded with the arrest, as reported in the last hours by the Globe Live Media agency and a television station affiliated with NBC.

At the time of the search, they found that he had a weapon in his headband and then they began the struggle. It is seen that the two officers in charge of the arrest battled with Jackson and one of them even had to use a taser pistol to contain it, but he couldn’t.

In the struggle, the sound of a gunshot is heard, presumably from the suspect’s gun. Immediately, one of the police officers also fired back.

From the body camera of another policeman, the scene could be seen from outside the room, with more officers pointing at the suspect who was on the ground armed, but apparently wounded.

At that moment, the officers ordered Jackson He raised his hands, but a new shot is heard and the policemen open fire on several occasions. Doctors in the hospital emergency room tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the man.

After the death of Jackson on Tuesday, a peaceful protest took place in the city that ended with a small group of people trying to break into a police station, which were dispersed by the agents with pepper spray.

All of this occurs days after the police officer Kim Potter, in Brooklyn Center, will kill a 20-year-old African-American man, identified as Daunte Wright.

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