Charles de Luxembourg steals all the limelight from Stéphanie in official photo

Charles de Luxembourg steals all the limelight from Stéphanie in official photo

The little prince, who was a source of great jubilation for the Luxembourgers who waited a long time for the continuity in the power of the House of Nassau-Weilburg to materialize in him, they dressed him in an adorable way, in a little maroon pants, a white sweater with matching borders, apré-ski style, with its two teeth showing.

The baby’s outfit matched her mother’s clothes, who chose the so-called jewel touch, casual, but very appropriate to give meaning to what the photograph was trying to convey. Stéphanie wore tailored trousers and a white jumper trimmed with juniper rhinestones.

Although it is February, the heiress chose very Christmas shades: her son in red and she in green. At 37, Stéphanie leads a very discreet life in her royal duties, is a lover of music and art, and is governed by a very clear philosophy: “Being a princess is not learned, it is carried in the heart”.

She came to the royal family of Luxembourg already with a noble title: “I have always had a great interest in art. I am also patron of the Association of Friends of Museums and Art. When I got married, I turned my attention to culture. and customs of the Grand Duchy, I wanted to actively participate in the museum, “he told Point of view.

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