Cameron Diaz announces her Permanent Retirement from Acting

Cameron Diaz announces her Permanent Retirement from Acting

“My next few years will focus on being a wife and a mother, which is the most satisfying thing that has ever happened to me,” the actress said during the show.

Likewise, Cameron assured that she was in a moment of such fulfillment that he felt no interest in leaving the life for which she waited so many years.

“It has been the best of my life so far without a doubt. I feel like it is everything I waited for for a long time. I can dedicate myself to it without having other distractions,” she said.

Diaz was part of productions from 1994 to 2014, now she is completely focused on her family life and although on several occasions she has confessed that she had a lot of fun on the sets, now she is clear that she could not sustain that rhythm of work and combine it with the maternity.

“I can’t imagine being a mother, at the point where I am now, with my daughter in her first year, and having to be on a film set, you know, 14 hours, 16 hours a day away from her.” She explained.

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