Authorities: detain 50 immigrants out of a group of 200 in a truck

Authorities: detain 50 immigrants out of a group of 200 in a truck

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, 50 undocumented immigrants were detained from a group of 200 inside a refrigerated truck.

The group includes 38 men and 12 to 15 women. Most of the group came from Guatemala and El Salvador. No child seems to be in the group.

Around 6 p.m. BCSO received a call from one of the undocumented immigrants inside a trailer and said he was inside with 200 people.

Salazar says this group ripped off one of the doors to let some air flow into the truck.

A BCSO agent in the area found the trailer and many people around it.

When they got closer, many of the group scattered.

Other vehicles around the trailer are suspected of being coyotes.

One apparently broke the chain on the trailer door and the immigrants got out.

The sheriff adds that the remaining group of undocumented immigrants dispersed in the wooded area.

Salazar mentioned that he saw several of the group simply wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

EMS arrived to check the group and all are in good condition.

BCSO believes that some of the suspects are mixed with the victims.
Still investigating to determine who called? Who are the suspects in the group? How much did the coyotes get? What has happened to your group up to this point in the trip?

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is working on the incident around the QT gas station near IH-37 and 1604 in Far South Bexar County.

Several people have fled on foot and BCSO is concerned for the well-being of these people due to the low temperatures.

Multiple people may have fled to nearby residences or businesses.

If you have any information on suspicious individuals in this area who may have been seen running on foot, please call BCSO at 210-335-6000.

Sheriff Javier Salazar will provide details shortly.

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