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Austrians, Fed up with Anticovid Restrictions, Demonstrate again

More than a thousand people demonstrated this Saturday in Vienna, despite the concentrations being prohibited, against the government’s measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have lost my job, I am a nurse and I did not want to wear this shit mask anymore!” Sigrid declared in front of the church of San Carlos, in the center of the Austrian capital.

“I do not give an iota on my fundamental rights, I have the right to breathe freely,” he added in the cold, in front of a crowd that waved Austrian flags and demanded the resignation of the Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz (conservative).

Before the authorities, six similar concentrations had been registered but all were prohibited, since in the previous demonstrations the security measures had not been respected, such as the distance between congregations.

On January 16, 10,000 people took to the streets and another two did so two weeks later, although the marches were prohibited.

“My father committed suicide in November because he did not want to relive what had already happened during the war,” Beatrix Hasner, who wore a Venetian mask, told AFP.

“She said: ‘I don’t want to go back to the dictatorship’ and she shot herself, at 92 years old,” she explained, very emotional, together with her husband.

The Austrian government decreed a confinement, the third, after Christmas, which caused great discontent among the population.

Still, the virus continues to spread in the country of 8.9 million inhabitants, where 1,400 new cases were registered on Saturday. The Tyrol region in the west is a focus of the variant initially detected in South Africa.

On Monday, the government eased restrictions by allowing museums and shops to open. The schools, at the moment, are open two days a week.

“The government suffers from a total lack of empathy,” denounced Manfred, who walked on foot from a town on the outskirts to the center of Vienna, despite the low temperatures of -2 ° C.

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