Ana Claudia Talancón gives Clues to the return of 'I'm your fan', in a Movie?

Ana Claudia Talancón gives Clues to the return of ‘I’m your fan’, in a Movie?

Judging by the short clip of the actress, everything seems to indicate that what is new about the love story between Nico and Charly will be portrayed in a feature film, which had its first call yesterday.

In the video that is already circulating on the networks, you can hear Talancón affirm: “First day of the call of the most anticipated film in history”, accompanied by a cry of emotion.

But it was not the only indication that the protagonist of the story shared, because Ana Claudia had no problem sharing more stories accompanied by other members of the cast while singing verses of the song with which the series’ chapters began.

Let us remember that the plot of the production focuses on the ‘impossible’ love that Nico (Martín Altomaro) feels towards Charly (Ana Claudia Talancón), who in the first season was overcoming a love break, but little by little he gives in to the conquest of her new suitor.

The story also revolves around the friends of the leading couple and other actors who appeared in the first installments are: Johana Murillo, Juan Pablo Medina, Verónica Langer, Camila Selser, among others.

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