Alejandra Giraldo was not in the broadcast of the News this Thursday due to a Disability

Alejandra Giraldo was not in the broadcast of the News this Thursday due to a Disability

The journalist and presenter Alejandra Giraldo, recognized for her love for animals and for being part of the Noticias Caracol team for several years.

She surprised viewers this Thursday by not being on the morning broadcast of the newscast, taking into account that it was the second day of the application of the covid-19 vaccines, therefore, in her Instagram stories she explained that on Wednesday the doctors incapacitated her due to a discomfort.

I started to feel pain in my spine that went down to my leg, so it was leaving me immobile, so they applied medicine to me, they sent me to the neurosurgeon because I have hernias in the spine so it was not convenient to sit for so long or in heels, because it is an additional effort”, the presenter explained that she already felt a little better although it still hurt, although the day before she could not move.

Finally she said that he expected to be back on set from Friday, “thanks for missing me,” she wrote in her story.

The journalist took on new challenges in 2020, as her life changed from heaven to earth due to the personnel shake that the newscast had in the second half of the year. Since then, Alejandra has presented two different journalistic programs that expose her to different audiences and styles.

After the unexpected departures of Monica Jaramillo and Vanessa de la Torre from the Noticias Caracol team, in September and October of that year, Alejandra Giraldo was the “heiress” in charge of presenting, from now on, the first edition of news and the red news program called ‘El Rastro’.

The 36-year-old paisa leads the news broadcast that previously occupied her country in the morning of Noticias Caracol and in an Instagram post she assured: “here we go, sleeping less and growing more every day. Thank you for your company and your good energy, you make it all worthwhile”.

However, she said in an interview with El Espectador that at first people wanted Mónica Jaramillo to come back, which she says is normal because people bond with presenters and that, currently, every day he receives more messages of congratulations on his work in the mornings, which is now also more loaded with notes on pets.

Alejandra Giraldo launched in 2020 her own venture called “VITA, vital food for your life partner”, it is a food for dogs with vitamins and minerals that she created together with a group of veterinary experts.

She told El Espectador that this initiative was born with the intention of delivering the animals “a natural food with all the nutrients”, because for several years she has given her dogs homemade food to avoid foods with many preservatives.

In fact this week she showed in an Instagram post that she already has her first physical location open and said that he spent eight months last year working on the “scientific development of the formula by doctors and experts, to have the best food and have our puppies wagging their tails for more years by our side,” she revealed.

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