Aislinn reveals the reason that led her to divorce Mauricio

Aislinn reveals the reason that led her to divorce Mauricio

Aislinn explained that although she felt a deep love for Mauricio Ochmann, the relationship had begun to take opposite directions. According to the words of the protagonist of Bad, the compatibility between her and her daughter’s father was decreasing.

“I love my daughter’s father with all my heart. I love him and I always loved him, even when the infatuation was over, we continued to love each other impressively, but what we said began to happen: it’s that ‘you’re going here’, ‘I’m going there’,’you believe this’ and ‘I believe this’ “, said the actress in the program.

“It is not working, it is not being compatible, there is no mental compatibility in many aspects and that does not mean you have to stay,” she said.

However, Aislinn Derbez made it clear, once again, that there is not the least grudge against Mauricio, on the contrary, on several occasions she has expressed the tranquility that she has given them to be able to give a different closure to their marriage.

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