After beating him, Cali police apologized to an Older Adult with Lunch and new Clothes

After beating him, Cali police apologized to an Older Adult with Lunch and new Clothes

On Wednesday Feb 10, the inhabitants of Cali expressed their indignation on social networks at the video of two officers of the National Police who, during an eviction procedure, attacked an elderly adult in a street condition who lived under a bridge in the city.

Given the criticism and complaints, a disciplinary process was opened to the uniformed men and the institution apologized to the attacked man.

José Wilmer Rodríguez is a 60-year-old street dweller who, as explained to the Twitter user who denounced the aggression against him, he lived from eight years ago under a bridge; However, this Wednesday two uniformed men took his things the wrong way and beat him.

The fact was recorded in a video recorded by Camilo Chará, who was in his vehicle when he witnessed the attack, then he returned to the scene and collected the testimony of José, who confirmed that he had been beaten, evidence that in itself gave the wounds on his forehead and abdomen.

“I’ve lived there for eight years, they have never bothered me, right now they came to get me what little I have” Rodríguez told Chará as he showed him the wounds left by the blows.

In addition, in the video recorded by the citizen it is seen that one of the uniformed men realizes that they are being recorded and approaches the vehicle, but he leaves before the uniformed man reaches his car.

Cali police attack street dweller

Given the outrage that the abuse of authority left among the inhabitants of Cali and other users of the social network, the authorities spoke out about it.

On the one hand, Harold Cortés, a representative from Cali, confirmed that after receiving the complaint they approached the place where José Rodríguez was to corroborate the information and restore their rights.

“We are concerned as human rights defenders because apparently the necessary route for these cases (eviction) was not activated. Don José is a street dweller and an older adult, he is part of a vulnerable population, which makes him deserve special treatment, ”said the personero and urged the Police to comment.

The commander of the Cali Metropolitan Police, General Juan Carlos Rodríguez, announced that given the situation in which he was “Of course, Don José has lacerations on his body, we will clarify it through an investigation process, as appropriate”, he announced that the proper disciplinary proceedings had begun against the two responsible officers.

Cali police apologize to street dweller for attacks

Besides this, The Metropolitan Police of Cali approached Don José to apologize for what happened and to help compensate, in some way, what happened, they decided to give him some details.

They invited him to lunch in a shopping center, gave him new clothes, cut his hair and allowed him to bathe in their facilities.

According to General Juan Carlos Rodríguez, “faced with this situation, we immediately located Don José. We went with him to the police station, We managed to give you humanitarian attention in order to improve your conditions and we received your complaint in a dignified manner”, He also thanked the public for making the complaint known.

Finally, Don José was also grateful for the actions of forgiveness that were carried out from the institution, “thanks to all of you, all these days will be full of blessings in my life.”

The situation opens debate among citizens who say that giving clothes and cutting Don José’s hair does not fix the damage caused, while some agree that the attack should never have taken place, they positively highlight that the authorities recognize the error and look for some way to make the victim of aggression feel better.

For now, the two uniformed men who attacked Don José continue to be linked to disciplinary proceedings for having violated the institution’s rules.

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