Adamari López talks about the alleged crisis with Toni Costa

Adamari López talks about the alleged crisis with Toni Costa

“I think we have very good chemistry. I think there has been that same chemistry and that same enthusiasm with Liván, with Danilo. I don’t understand why make such a mess. (Toni) is a handsome, talented man, what else do you want me to tell you? ? “, he responded at that time to the program ‘Sal y Pimienta’ when they asked him directly if he had a relationship with Spanish.

Weeks later, the couple was caught together, so they could not continue to deny the relationship. In a recent interview, Adamari commented that Toni won her over with her good sense of humor, as she had a lot of fun with him. He also loved the way he danced and moved on stage.

When they decide to be together, Adamari’s desire to become a mother came and together they went to various treatments, but none of them worked and that situation caused the couple to have some problems. In this regard, the actress commented: “They were difficult weeks in which I was not very tolerant, I fought over silly things, anything seemed wrong to me and that was a very difficult time for me,” she said.

But after such a complicated situation, the couple decided to relax and forget the issue and just when they least expected it, Alaia came into their life. So far they don’t have a date for the wedding. As they said, they believe that commitment should be present every day and what they do not want is to stop fighting for their love.

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