A Swimmer was bitten by a Shark in Water near Key Biscayne

A Swimmer was bitten by a Shark in Water near Key Biscayne

A 36-year-old swimmer ended up hospitalized after being bitten by a shark on Friday when he was in water near the city of Key Biscayne, in Florida.

Fox 7 News reported that the man was part of a crew aboard a yellow boat that was floating in No Name Harbor.

After a call for help, the victim was mobilized to shore by officials from the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and fire department personnel.

The man, after receiving first aid, was taken to Mercy Hospital where he is in stable condition.

Before the end of March it was reported that two children were bitten by sharks in the state of Florida.

One of the minors is 7 years old and was bitten when he was bathing with his cousins ​​on a Fort Lauderdale beach.

The boy ended up admitted to a health center where he received reconstructive surgery on his hand.

The other case involves a 9-year-old boy named Jay Weiskopf, who was bitten on the shoulder by a gray shark when he was on the beaches of Miami Beach.

Jay, a native of Minnesota, was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital where doctors assured that his life was not in danger but could be a carrier of an infection.