A ghost town in the US goes viral on TikTok but the authorities warn that it cannot be visited (VIDEO)

A ghost town in the US goes viral on TikTok but the authorities warn that it cannot be visited (VIDEO)

An abandoned American town since 2008 went viral after a video was published on March 26 that already had more than 15 million views on TikTok. To avoid visits, authorities warned that it is a  “private property” ,  published local media.

“Have you ever seen a residential area full of abandoned mansions?” Asks the author of the images, while passing near the ghost town,  located in the state of Missouri.

Known as the Indian Ridge Resort, it is a $ 1.6 billion project  near the artificial Table Rock Lake, construction of which began in 2006 and included a water park, hotel, marina, shops, condos and large vacation homes.

The 2008 economic crisis caused construction to halt and then a legal process began that ended in 2015, when four people pleaded guilty to real estate fraud  for submitting apocryphal invoices to one of the three banks that had loaned them money.


Although many of the multi-story buildings were demolished, others still remain empty and unfinished, so local authorities fear they will become a tourist attraction.  Therefore, from the office of the ‘sheriff’ of the county of Stone, Doug Rader, they issued a message in which they asked not to visit the area.

“It is a private property”, they affirmed, at the same time that they warned that those who enter illegally could receive a subpoena. In addition, they assured that “they are very busy handling calls for service” and do not want to “impose fines for entering without authorization.” 

They also explain that there was “a constant flow of people walking through the urbanization all weekend.” “Please visit our many other tourist attractions,” they concluded.

Meanwhile, new developers bought the properties and have plans to rebuild in the area.

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