Kun Agüero on the first three months of his esports team: “We are going to bet on our own gaming house”

Kun Agüero on the first three months of his esports team: “We are going to bet on our own gaming house”

The “Kun” presented KRÜ in October last year 

Just three months ago Sergio “El Kun” Agüero took it upon himself to revolutionize the esports scene with the presentation of KRÜ, your ambitious team that came under the slogan of “Let’s play”, a phrase that was popularized in one of his broadcasts of Twitch. Now, with him team established and with victories on his back, the forward of the Manchester City took time to take stock of what has been done so far and the future projects of the organization, among which is a gaming house in Argentina and another in Spain.

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting projects left in 2020 was KRU, which was formed after the forward made his foray into the streaming platform Twitch. He began his journey with the formation of a competitive FIFA team, which is made up of Yago Fawaz, Valentín Mazzalupo, Gustavo Nascimento and Matias Bonanno. The latter was in charge of taking the first title for the organization when he was crowned in the South America Qualy 1 of the FIFA 21 Global Series.

Regarding these sudden achievements, Kun said: “We didn’t think the guys at FIFA were going to do so well in such a short time, but they have the talent to do it. We are helping them, but we were not expecting this start. ” In turn, the CEO of the team stressed that this is a merit of the players, the team manager and coaches and that they are behind to “support them in what they need.”

Slakun10 is the name with which Agüero handles himself in his networks

Slakun10 is the name with which Agüero handles himself in his networks 

It should be noted that this start in FIFA was not a rarity, given that the player of the Manchester City and the Argentine team always made clear their passion for the title in their live shows. “We were clear about what we wanted, which was to start with FIFA and then think about another game, “says Agüero, who also remarks that the philosophy of the organization is to tell the players that if they lose,” nothing happens “and that the message it happens by making them play calm, since “things always come”.

Since its launch, KRÜ has had great support on social networks, where it has a great acceptance both from other organizations and from people in general. Regarding this, the “Kun” said: “The support in networks is good. It is important that people participate and support the club and the boys. When I play for City the support is always good, and in this case it is the same. People give boys confidence and that motivates them a little more “.

Despite the fact that KRÜ is going through a great present and fulfilling the objectives set at its launch, the “Kun” does not stop looking to the future: el Tuesday he presented his team of Valuing, the second game in which they will emphasize. For this, a selection of Argentine and Chilean players was formed, demonstrating the intention of covering the region in a big way.

El team FIFA the KRÜ

El team FIFA the KRÜ 

Beyond this, Agüero points out that one of his next projects is to have a gaming house: “It will give us peace of mind when it comes to looking for another game. With this we would already have the defense so that the boys can compete and train, especially those from FIFA, who need it too. We will try to find it as soon as possible, especially in Argentina. Then they can think of Spain and be able to make a beautiful gaming house there in the future ”.

Kun’s commitment to esports not only puts into perspective the interest of athletes in this segment, which Diego Schwartzman, Juan Sebastián Verón and Fabricio Oberto have recently joined, but it also serves to understand their passion for video games. The forward affirms that he is surprised by everything that has been done so far, given that he thought it was going to be somewhat calmer, but he continues to point out that he is happy and content with the project.

Surely 2021 will be a very eventful year for KRÜ, where they will not only continue to compete in FIFA, but also in Valorant, the Riot Games shooter. In this they will debut on January 18 in the qualifying stage of the Latin America Challengers, which, if they win it, gives a place on the Champions Tour. In turn, the next few months will be key to choosing a new video game, which will continue to expand the organization’s panorama.

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