Kardashian-jenners Show Their Support for the Elected Candidate Joe Biden
The Sisters of the Kardashian-jenner Clan Showed All Their Support Through Twitter for the Candidate Chosen in the Last Elections.

Kardashian-Jenners Show Their Support for the Elected Candidate Joe Biden

All the Kardashian-jenners Show Their Support for the Elected Candidate Joe Biden and Forget About Kanye West

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has it very clear, who they should support for the presidential elections that took place last Tuesday, November 3, and that is that the protagonists of Reality Show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, including Kim, they celebrated the news that Joe Biden would have been elected as the winner of the 2020 presidential elections in the USA.

And although Kanye West, the husband of one of them, Kim , also participated in the elections as the opponent of Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the race for the White House, apparently his partner did not support him at all, or at least That is what can be seen with the post that he uploaded to his Twitter, in which a photograph of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden is seen , along with Kamala Harris, who was elected vice president.

Others who spoke through her social network was Kourtney Kardashian who apparently supported her brother-in-law Kanye West in the race for the presidential chair, when he wore a garment with the “Vote Kanye” logo just a couple of weeks ago, and now he posted a video along with a phrase “the president of all the American people” that Biden wrote for his campaign.

Kardashian-jenners tweet

And although the members of the entire Kardashian group have been motivating everyone to vote in the past elections, they were not seen directly inciting them to vote for the elected candidate, then this is only a maneuver for West is not entirely out of the question. radar or will it be that they always supported the elected candidate.

Khloé, Kendall and Kylie have also shown to be happy for the triumph of Joe Biden.

In their social networks since Kanye simply did not meet the expectations, that were required to be elected, leaving only 60 thousand votes, according to the online magazine Deadline. Although it seems that the rapper said that he would return in a new candidacy for 2024.