The Five Highlights From Joe Biden’s Opening Speech

The Five Highlights From Joe Biden’s Opening Speech

Joe Biden took office on Wednesday as the new president of the United States. During his speech, the brand new 46th president of the North American country focused his message in the need to overcome political polarization and achieve greater national unity, in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and also referred to the recent assault on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.

The Democratic leader also stressed the importance of protecting democracy, and at all times stressed that his administration will be marked by “unity.” Along these lines, he promised that he will be the president “of all Americans.”

Here are the five most outstanding phrases from the speech of the new president of the United States:

– ”We celebrate the triumph of a cause, the cause of democracy. Democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. And in this moment, my friends, democracy has prevailed! “

– “It is a historic day of hope, of renewal and resolution”

– ”History, faith and reason show us the way, which is that of unity. We must see the other not as an adversary, we must see him as a neighbor “

– ”We are entering the hardest and deadliest period of the pandemic. We must put politics aside and face it as a nation “

– “The United States faces ‘an increase in political extremism, white supremacy, internal terrorism, which we must confront and we will overcome’.

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