Minute by minute: Joe Biden's Inauguration Ceremony

Minute by minute: Joe Biden’s Inauguration Ceremony

Joe Biden assumes this Wednesday as president of the United States, which opens a new chapter in a divided country and in crisis, a situation that will be reflected in the transfer of command, marked by extreme security after the assault on the Capitol and by the absence of the predecessor, Donald Trump.

Times are expressed according to Washington DC (-5 GMT):

10.30: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris arrived at the Capitol for the swearing in, accompanied by their partners. The vice president-elect will do it first.

10.25: Vice President Mike Pence, the highest representative of the Executive, arrived in the absence of Donald Trump.

10.20: They report a bomb threat against the Supreme Court. Local press reported that the building was being evacuated. National Guard agents are close to the headquarters, which was closed to the public due to the pandemic.

10.00: Barack Obama and his wife Michelle arrived at the Capitol. Moments later, Bill and Hillary Clinton arrived.

9.55: Republican Senator Marco Rubio (Florida) reported on Twitter that he will not attend the ceremony, although he is in Washington, as he continues to work on the objections to the certification of the election result.

9.45: Barack Obama shared a photo with Biden at the White House to greet him. “Congratulations to my friend, President Joe Biden! It’s your time”

9.35Spokesmen for Donald Trump confirmed that he left a letter to Joe Biden in the Oval Room, in keeping with the tradition that has prevailed for decades. At the moment, the content of the message is unknown.

9.30: Biden’s transition team anticipated that the inaugural address will make little or no mention of Trump. Communications director Kate Bedingfield told the network ABC that the message “will speak of the moment we are in, but it will also expose a vision of the future.”

9.21: “It’s a new day in America,” Joe Biden tweeted.

9.07: Donald Trump took off to Florida, without meeting Joe Biden.

Trump: “We are going back somehow”

9:00: Donald Trump says he believes the new administration will be “very successful” and claims to have laid the groundwork for it. “We are going to get back in some way,” he added, before leaving for Florida.

8.35: President-elect Joe Biden attends the church before its inauguration, a traditional step before the swearing-in ceremony.



8.15: Donald Trump left the White House for the last time as president.

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