Biden Era begins in the US: Things You should know

Biden Era begins in the US: Things You should know

President Joe Biden’s day has arrived

After a turbulent election campaign and an uprising on Capitol Hill, and in the midst of a pandemic at its worst, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take over the presidency and vice presidency of the United States. The day is marked by the inauguration of a historically diverse cabinet and the absence of Donald Trump, who leaves power without acknowledging his defeat and without handing over the position to his successor, as is tradition. Follow here the minute by minute of the possession ceremony.

The 5 great lessons that Trump leaves

Citizen Free Press political analyst Chris Cillizza reflects on what he learned from Donald Trump in the last 5 years and starts from a certainty: the first thing he wrote about Trump at the time was wrong (“no one should take Trump seriously”). Now, in 2021, he writes the conclusions left by “the most radical president” of the United States.

Biden will propose a comprehensive immigration bill on the first day in office

Joe Biden will present a comprehensive immigration plan, a source familiar with the proposal told CNN, outlining an agenda that provides a multi-year path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants currently in the United States.

The variants of the coronavirus that worry scientists

At least four new variants of the coronavirus have scientists worried. This is what we know about each of them.

2020 was also disastrous in terms of car accidents

Despite fewer people driving during the first six months of the pandemic in the U.S., riskier driving increased, prompting a worrying increase in fatal crashes, preliminary data shows.

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