Itmustbelove86’s street art creates Lim’s ghost factory

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They are presented under the name of “Itmustbelove86”, which, as his Twitter account indicates, is “inspired by the story that Rafael Lahuerta tells in his wonderful book” La balada del Bar Torino “, specifically the Madness song that sounded on the Mestalla loudspeaker the year of the last and only Valencia relegation to Second Division (1986). Nothing else is known about them. Not who they are or even how many. But with their actions they show their criticism of Peter Lim’s management at Valencia and that his creativity has no limits.

His urban art has been seen for a long time in the surroundings of Mestalla, with graffiti of iconic moments in the club’s history, such as Jaume Domenech on the crossbar of Benito Villamarín after the 2019 Cup final, emulating Quique in the 1954 final in Chamartín, or with posters from the movie ‘Lost in traslation’ substituting Bill Murray’s face for Peter Lim’s. A few months ago they gave life to the ‘Chica de Sarría’ in a large mural in the new channel of the Turia river and this week they have surprised with a new initiative: the ghost factory of Meriton, a metaphor about the decadence in which his understanding inhabits Valencia.

The anonymous members of “Itmustbelove86” hung a poster with the word Meriton on the tower of an abandoned factory in the vicinity of Valencia. Specifically, a factory that is in the town of Sagunto and that can be seen from the highway that connects Valencia with Barcelona. The image impresses for its symbolism and in turn for creativity, both in its execution and in its original idea. The end result is typical of a horror movie setting, which is how they see Valencia de Lim.

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