British PM Boris Johnson is running the Government through Zoom

Isolated again, the British PM Runs the Government through Zoom

British PM Boris Johnson is running the Government through Zoom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his condition was fine after contact with someone who was positive for COVID-19. Will run the government through the virtual meeting app Zoom while he isolates himself for two weeks on Downing Street.

“I am very healthy and feel great. I am full of antibodies,” said Johnson in the video posted on Twitter, with a smile.
“There is still a lot that can be discussed through Zoom and other electronic communication tools,” said Johnson (56).

Johnson’s most recent contact with COVID-19 came after a tumultuous week when his most senior adviser, Brexiteer Dominic Cummings. Ousted after clashing with a rival faction led by his fiancé and his new spokesman.
From the flat above Downing Street, Johnson will have to grapple with Europe’s deadliest COVID-19 outbreak and tackle the complex diplomacy needed to strike a last-minute Brexit trade deal in days.

Johnson announced on Sunday (15/11). That he had been told by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate for two weeks after it was confirmed that an MP, Lee Anderson. Attending a 35-minute meeting with him on Thursday (12/11) tested positive for the virus.

British PM Boris Johnson lost weight

“He’s fine, he’s really excited,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News.

“He will, I have no doubt, run a lot this week through Zoom.”

When Johnson caught COVID-19 in March, he tried to deny it but ended up wearing an oxygen mask in the intensive care unit. The respiratory disease required him to undergo a one month recovery period.

He later said he had been fighting for his life as the country prepared for the unthinkable – a possible death in the prime minister’s office.

Johnson has spoken repeatedly about how the death seen this year has changed his outlook. She often talks about the need to lose weight after reaching 112 kilograms, which she thinks is too much for a 1.78-meter man.