Ingraham: As 2020 ends, reflect on ‘Trump’s triumphs’ before Biden squanders them

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Globe Live Media host Laura Ingraham opened her final show of 2020 on Friday, reminding viewers to reflect on the “victories” in President Trump’s four-year term.

“Just focus on what President Trump does, against the incredibly strong headwind, for our,” she began. “Today, more than six weeks after Election Day, The New York Times, believe it or not, published a piece confirming how much Trump’s policy helped our factory workers. That article The focus was on the carrier plant in Indianapolis. “

Ingraham recalled that Trump promised to save the jobs of many workers at the plant in 2016 as the company announced it would shift its operations to Mexico.

While Trump came through on his promise, Ingraham said Carrier’s staff now see the adjacent Biden administration as a cause for concern.


“With globalist Biden in the wings, he now foresees what will happen in the future. Some people feel they are stocking tools to close later. They believe that the career management factory Will shatter the old plan to move 1,050 jobs. ” Ingaram said.

The host predicted the incoming president “will be a passive manager of our downfall as we outsource not only jobs but the entire future.”

“If Biden did not want to lose to China, he should not have indicated that he had every intention of trumping Trump’s agenda … With Trump out of the way, the winner is China. The rich international group in this scenario . Will be rich. Wall Street will get rich as they engage in global intermediation without the intelligence of a concern when entire industries are disintegrated and shipped overseas. Isn’t globalization wonderful? “

With Trump stepping down, Ingram said, the 45th president has “Biden with a vaccine and an economy set to boom. If this boom doesn’t happen, we’ll all know who to blame.” . “

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“But we know how the media operates,” she concluded. “Highlight any and all developments that could negatively impact the President, and bury the good news that shows how hard life will become once again for regular working people under Biden.

“We will do building backing in a much better way. But unfortunately this is happening in China. Not here.”

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