Indonesia: Infants Allegedly Switched at Hospital, Director of RSUD Denies

Indonesia: Infants Allegedly Switched at Hospital, Director of RSUD Denies

Infants Allegedly Switched at Hospital, Dr. Moh Anwar Sumenep, Director of RSUD Denies

A baby girl is suspected to have been mixed up at the dr. Moh. Anwar Sumenep Madura, East Java. The tiny baby of the couple Subroto (27) and Norma Ningsih (25), a resident of West Nyabakan Village, Batang-Batang District , Sumenep.

The beautiful baby was born on Friday, November 13, 2020 in the hospital normally. Then, it was discovered that the baby was thought to be switched on Sunday, November 15, 2020, when the baby’s mother would breastfeed her beautiful daughter. At that time there was an oddity in his child’s posture which had begun to change.

Subroto, the father of the baby, explained that the first time his child was born, a woman had no hair, aka bald. From there the suspicions of the family emerged.

Finally, Subroto and his family tried to confirm with the hospital. However, he admitted that the hospital seemed not to want to know about the incident that happened to the young couple.

The Baby’s Head Is Different From The Beginning

“At first we asked the hospital why our baby was different from the beginning. Only the hospital said that nothing was mixed up. The hospital said that the special wristbands for babies who were born could not be separated, ”explained Subroto to a number of media, when confirmed at the Sumenep Police Headquarters, Monday, November 16, 2020.

Therefore, he and his family went to the Sumenep Police, Monday around 15.00 WIB. According to him, the RSUD seemed to be silent and did not acknowledge the allegation that his son had been switched and his party felt disappointed with the services of dr. Moh. Anwar.

“We are complete with the evidence. Our first child was born, and the second child has changed his posture. My wife’s instinct is very strong seeing my child’s posture,” he explained.

However, his party emphasized that if there is no firm action from the police, then his party will continue to guard the case.

“So, the Polres had suggested to us, we told us to meet with the director of the RSUD,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Hospital, dr. Moh. Anwar Sumenep, dr. Erliyati denied that there was a switched baby at the hospital that he led.

“There is no. I got a report from the officer who didn’t exist. I will leave it to the family, if the family doesn’t do anything, that’s it,” he said when confirmed by a number of media at the Sumenep Police Headquarters.