Indie Game Gnosia Is Looking to Recapture Among Us’ Surprise Success

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Gnosia may seem like a quick cash grab based on current gaming trends, but the game’s story actually mirrors the success among us in surprising ways.

One of the biggest surprise hits in the gaming world is Innersloth. among us. Combining cute emoji-esque character designs with addictive gameplay, the title was released via streaming sites like Twitch to little fanfare before becoming huge. Although it was released in 2018, it is 2o20 that has made the game in the headlines.

A title that could follow the successful footsteps of that game Gnosia. Originally released in Japan in 2019, the game was one of the final titles to hit Sony’s ethical game PlayStation Vita. Now released on the Nintendo Switch, the game offers a very Similar setup among us, Although an anime wrapped in aesthetics.

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What is GNOSIA?

Initially released in June 2019, Gnosia Was developed by a four-member team of Petit Depot. The premise of the game is that one of the fellow passengers of a player is known as a knight on a spacecraft. Kills another passenger every night, imitating humans. The goal is for the player, through investigation and interacting with other characters, find out who the knower is and put them to sleep. If all the learned are removed, the player wins, but if the learned exceeds the actual humans, they win.

The gameplay itself is stuck on a time loop and will be reset if all Gnosia is discovered. This means that the playthrough does not last very long, but statistics and other mechanics will be carried over from each loop. The player’s gender, preferred color and starting stats will also determine what they can do and where they can go in the game. Other characters also have their own stats, plus a status determines how suspicious they are about the player’s character. Although the port was announced, it would not reach Switch’s eShop until early 2021.

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Between gnosia

among us

The most obvious similarity is Gnosia And among us Is a very similar complex. Both games have players taking the roles of a crewmate on a spaceship, with their fellow crew members all looking decidedly colorful. Similarly, the point of each game is to find out which crewmates are some type of threat and eliminate them accordingly. Gnosia There is no voice dialogue, how much among us started. They are relatively less important in terms of budget, making the success (or potential success) of these indie games a big deal. The game’s similarities are honestly supernatural, and a rip-off label can be thrown Gnosia if among us It was already a hit when it was developed and released. Anime vibes also make it similar to other cult favorites Dangnarpa Chain.

Ability to reach the game among us The level largely hinges on accessibility. Finally, before hitting the peace of the house, among us was released on iOS and Android. This allows access to a mobile market that would likely shine on a normal console game. While the Nintendo Switch is theoretically one-handed, it doesn’t really have the same market reach as mobile games or even the same bridge as rival consoles such as the Playstation 4 and 5. It is also clearly a single-player title, and more among us’ The appeal came from being a multiplayer game. Gnosia Is nurtured in Japan, however, where Switch is the largest console, so there is definitely potential for us to be another smash hit indie game.

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