In 2020, Colombians paid $ 146 billion in taxes, according to Dian

In 2020, Colombians paid $ 146 billion in taxes, according to Dian

Facade of Colombian fiscal authority (DIAN) is pictured in Bogota, Colombia April 10, 2019. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

José Andrés Romero, director of the National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian) delivered a report on the 2020 collection, through the entity’s YouTube channel.

Romero reported that Colombians paid 146.18 billion pesos in taxes during 2020, a figure that represents a decrease of 7% compared to the collection obtained in 2019, which reached 157 billion pesos.

“The balance of the collection of the year 2020 has to be measured taking into account that it was an atypical year, of crisis, where the collection goal, which was initially 167.5 billion, had to be adjusted according to that fiscal framework to 144.2 billion pesos”, the director of the Dian pointed out.

Taking the data into account, the entity highlighted that not only was the new collection goal met, but that it was exceeded by two billion pesos.

Starting from there and having some difficult months such as April, May, June and July, Dian found that the reactivation of the following months undoubtedly represented an increase in the economy, “the measures that the government took including days without VAT, benefits , support to subsidize the payroll, the PAEF, all these projects that helped to reactivate the economic sectors, were reflected in the collection of August, September, October and November ”, highlighted the official.

The entity’s report highlighted that, the Wealth Tax and the Simple Tax were the two taxes that grew positively by 325.9 million pesos.

On the management of Audit, Romero affirmed that a goal of 7.82 billion was achieved, a historical figure in the management of Dian, “We got to this through the implementation of tax reaction units, where they made massive programs of closeness to the citizen of persuasion so that people could catch up with their obligations.”

Likewise, it was confirmed that the value added VAT, Income Withholding and Consumption Tax showed a decrease in collection of 9.8 billion pesos compared to the figures registered in 2019.

RCN Radio also reported that, during the previous year, 73.54% of the collection corresponded to withholding at the source as income with 51 billion pesos, while in terms of VAT, Colombians paid 32.5 billion pesos . Likewise, according to the report, 23 billion pesos were registered in customs taxes.

“The taxes associated with the internal economic activity achieved a collection of 122.40 billion pesos and a participation percentage of 83.8%. Taxes associated with foreign trade had a collection of 23.78 billion pesos and a participation of 16.3% “, José Andrés Romero pointed out in the Dian report.

On the other hand, the collection with Tax Refund Titles (Tidis) between January and December amounted to 15 billion pesos, with a significant increase of 58.1% compared to 9.5 billion pesos in 2019.

Likewise, the director of Dian indicated that only In December, Colombians paid 9.75 billion pesos in taxes, most of the collection was concentrated in income tax and VAT. “What it shows is that this month we achieved an important reactivation in the economy and that the government’s measures to bring Christmas, the premium and the days without VAT paid off,” he added.

Support measures for covid-19

One of the means of support in the face of the economic contingency generated by the arrival of the pandemic last year, were the abbreviated returns, returns of resources and balances in favor, that the Dian gave to Colombian entrepreneurs so that they could invest in their businesses and sustain the work of employees.

“During 2020 we returned and compensated 19.9 billion pesos, much faster than in previous years, where we lowered the average from 50 days to more or less 25 days in returns,” said Romero.

Likewise, the benefit of reducing late payment interest was implemented, “the rate was close to 30% and we lowered those interests to a figure close to 18%. This helped people to catch up with the tax administration and pay due dates without any penalties ”.

42% of Bogota citizens have experienced symptoms of anxiety and depression during the pandemic.

The UN and the National Government will invest 11 billion pesos to protect the lives of social leaders during the next two years.

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