Ikebukuro West Gate Park’s Peace Is DESTROYED

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Episode 11 of Ikebukuro West Gate Park is a roller coaster of an episode with casualties on either side of the gang and Makoto being caught in the middle.

Warning: Following are spoilers for episode 11 Ikebukuro West Gate Park, “Sunshine Street Civil War, Part 1,“Now Streaming on Funmation.

All is gone in episode 11 of peace Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Ever since the Red Angels debuted, the tension between him and G-Boy that kept Ikebukuro under his control for a long time was managed only under Makoto’s supervision. It was clear from all the foreboding in the last few episodes that Moto’s status as Ikobuko’s troubleshooter would eventually put him in danger. But did anyone have any idea how badly it would hit Moto’s face when he would target himself as both the Red Angels and the G-Boys?

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A secret take to the grave

ikebukuro west gate park ep 11 kazu death

Ever since helping the former in Episode 7, sometimes more and more fights have erupted between the G-Boys and the Red Angels. The only safe area is Sunshine Street. Kyoichi reiterates that the Red Angels defend themselves: they will not hesitate to retaliate if they attack but agree to meet about the region’s talks with Takashi. The Red Angels leader orders his members to stand at the very bottom, for their capture. He probably doesn’t trust the G-Boys but considers Takashi a friend.

Suddenly, Kazumasa Watanabe, a member of the Red Angels, approaches Makoto, looking apprehensive. As he catches sight of Isoghel, Archanagel, he climbs up. The next day, Kazumasa was found dead in East Ikebukuro Park through his heart with a knife, lying on a pair of wings painted under a wing. An angry Kyuichi declared a war against the G-Boys, with tears streaming down his face.

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Framed Makoto

ikebukuro west gate park ep 11 takashi makoto

Makoto meets Takashi after the latter sends his guard away. Takashi tells Makoto that he has nothing to do with Kazumasa’s death, but believes that other G-Boys may be involved. Takashi believes that fighting is the only way to solve it. Makoto explains that someone can manipulate things to create a confrontation between the two gangs.

He notices Mitsuki pointing towards him, froth forming on his mouth. Without warning, he shoots several shots at Takashi, with some bullets hitting his chest and one on his head. Makoto immediately fires a gun from Mitsuki and he runs away while Makoto runs back to his friend. To make matters worse, the police arrive only after seeing Makoto swinging on a body with a gun in his hand, leaving him with no choice.

Makoto on the run

ikebukuro west gate park park 11 makoto hide

When he goes back to his mother’s fruit stall, he realizes that someone had set him up by taking pictures of that scene – it’s Isogai, but Makoto doesn’t realize it yet. Without even questioning it, Makoto’s mother gave him money, asking him to find out who actually shot Takashi. Suddenly a van comes inside. His mother pushes him out of the way but faints. Guo urges him to run, although reluctantly, he follows this advice.

Everywhere he goes, he runs into the G-Boys. In a strip submerged in distant, faint red fluorescent light, the Red Angels are getting ready to get rid of all the G-Boys in Ikbukuro. After Makoto locks the gun in a locker, he turns off his phone and calls Big Ri on a phone where Ri urges him to turn himself in. But he knows that only he can clear his name.

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ikebukuro west gate park ep 11 isogai eyes

Isogai’s betrayal seems a bit revealing. From his first appearance, his good-natured personality came out like a sore thumb. Now that we know that he is the one who drugged on Mitsuki and either killed him or someone killed Kazumasa, Isogai is shown vaguely. Either the shadow hides his eyes or the lower half of his face is sown.

Although this is not too surprising, his motivation is still unclear. what is Apparently he is not working alone, given the fact that he showers in a hotel with a Kobe businessman. Isogai may be part of a detailed business plan just to gain a foothold in Ikabukuro, which partly explains his relationship with the businessman, but he can do so for personal reasons as well. Isogai wants Ikebukuro to be in ruins and Makoto was meeting on the way. What could be a better way to kill two birds with one stone after the troubleshooter and each other have both gangs?

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