“If a company goes bankrupt because it cannot pay an employee 30 thousand pesos more, there never was a company”: Christian Daes

Christian Daes. Presidente Operativo en Tecnoglass.
Christian Daes. Presidente Operativo en Tecnoglass.

The president of Tecnoglass, Christian Daes, who became a trend last week in Colombia due to his controversial reaction to the proposal of business unions to raise the minimum wage in the country by 2%, assured that national businessmen not only lack “Generosity, but altruism.”

In an interview with Luis Carlos Vélez for the Colombian magazine Semana, the president of the only national company listed on the stock exchange, Nasdaq, one of the most important in the United States, affirmed that the pandemic allowed reflection “That it is time to think about others and not just ourselves.”

“If a company goes bankrupt because it cannot pay 30,000 pesos more to an employee, there never was a company. We need to reach out to the most vulnerable, who in our country are the vast majority “Daes asserted.

The businessman who disapproved of the proposal to increase 18,000 pesos per month for the minimum wage for next year assured that he is not proposing a 50% increase in salary, but a gradual increase that is above the country’s inflation to “restore dignity to Colombian households ”.

Faced with the question about what opinion the proposal to reduce working hours deserved, Daes told the weekly that he would like it to be implemented “step by step”, thus evaluating the development of the company and understanding “how we are going ahead”.

On the other hand, Daes assured that no believes it is a good idea to approve more taxes for Colombian businessmen Because right now “enough” are paid, for this reason he pointed out that it is better to generate savings in the bureaucracy so as not to overload companies.

“The Government is sometimes too permissive in spending on institutions and it is important that they look inward”, he pointed out.

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When asked if he was a Santista, Charista or Uribista, the businessman affirmed that he is a “Colombianist to die”, he indicated that he is on board a “plane called a country” from where he sees that many passengers want to “attack” the pilot regardless of whether the plane goes down, for this reason he invited Colombians to think about the country that they will leave to their descendants.

“I hope we stop so many quarrels and dedicate ourselves to building a harmonious and inclusive nation that serves to help so many families that need it,” he told Semana.

Daes mentioned in the talk that Colombians have expertise in finding the problem where it is difficult to find, and that at the bottom of this behavior is the “Ambition, pettiness and the lust for power”For this reason, he explained that it is necessary to “surround” the leaders and in this way promote initiatives that benefit the country and citizens.

Finally, the president of Tecnoglass said that politicians who are not convinced by businessmen actually use a “negative discourse because some think that that way they win over the masses with that message. Those who use that strategy are wrong, from this either we leave together or we sink together “, he concluded.

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