How Star Trek: Discovery Set Up the Section 31 Series

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The latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery sets the stage for the upcoming spinoff that focuses on the mysterious Section 31.

Warning: The following includes spoilers Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, Episode 10, “Terra Pharma, Part 2,” is now streaming on CBS All Access.

The recent two-part episode “Terra Pharma” had a huge impact Star Trek: Discovery, As the show sent Philippa Georgios to unknown parts. But those parts may not be as clueless as they seem, as her farewell becomes the perfect setup for her next move. Star trek Franchise: The upcoming series focuses on Section 31.

“Terra Pharma” served as the culmination of the entire Georgia character arc SearchThere are three seasons. Her massive leap across space and time left her in critical condition, and the only cure was found under mysterious circumstances: a door that sent her back in time to the Mirror Universe on one of life’s most important days.

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Seeing a second chance at things, Georgie attempts to take a different route, namely sparing the life of traitor Michael Burnham. Unfortunately, his hand is forced, and he has to kill his adopted daughter once more. Despite the results being the same, the Guardian of Forever, guarding the portal, looked at the “test” it provided. In response, she sends him at a time when Prime and the Mirror Universe were close together, saving her life in the process.

Not only does this move prevent Georgia from joining her major Universe counterpart in the tomb, but it also determines that we already know where she leads next. Of many Star trek The series in the works, an untitled upcoming series focusing on the secret and dark Starfleet organization Section 31, was announced in January 2019, and was linked to the post-Michelle Yoh project. While the prospects for the Section 31 show have been exciting, Georgiou is moving towards the end of the 1000 years in the future Search Season 2 left a lot of questions about ending with Section 31. However, being able to literally take Georgios out since the 3100s, Search Frees him to show up.

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Georgiou’s fate connects with everything we know about the series so far. Star trek The spectacle Alex Kurtzman previously stated that the show “occupies an area of ​​the Trek universe that has never really been geographically explored,” and that “there is a new mythology to it.” It is very possible that Carl sent Georgiou for a place and time Star trek Previously, Kurtzman’s statement was confirmed. There also exists a hidden secret: the flashback he was having during the difficult moments of a man named San. Giorgio mentions him saying goodbye to Michael, perhaps stating that he will become a big part of the story of him moving forward.

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Additionally, Bo Yeon Kim and Erica Leptold, listeners for the upcoming series, helped pen the two-part “Terra Pharma” episode. It can be assumed that Kurtzman wanted him to specifically handle Georgio’s departure from the series, helping to create a different time, place and his next landing point in the series.

Streaming on CBS All Access, Star Trek: Discovery Commander Michael Burnham as Star Sonqua Martin-Green, Doug Jones as Commander Cypress, Anthony Rapp as Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets, Mary Wiseman as Enstein Sylvia Tilley, “Hugh Culter, David Azala Cleveland” Book “Booker” , Wilson Cruz as Blue. Del Barrio as Alera, Ian Alexander as Gray, Tiger Notaro as Chief Engineer Reno, and Michelle Yeo as Philippe Jarzau. New episodes of Season 3 will air on Thursday.

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