How Nicole Kidman helped ‘The Undoing’ star with her nude scenes

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The HBO series “The Undying” starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant kept fans on their toes until the very last episode.

But it was Italian actress Matilda de Angelis, who played the role of Elena Elves, who became the breakout star of the murder mystery.

The 25-year-old made her American TV debut and revealed that she never doubted her decision, even though the series often showed her naked.

It was actually Kidman and Grant that made them feel most comfortable on the set.

‘Undoing’ star MATILDA D’Angelles kisses Nicole Kidman, filming nude scene says: ‘I liked it’

“I felt very comfortable,” De Angelis told the Times of the United Kingdom, this month. “I knew he would protect me, and Nicole was really kind too. He did a lot of, many nude scenes and he helped me a lot. He said, ‘We’re not here to judge you. Just imagine That you are all set. Be confident. “

25-year-old Matilda de Angelis discusses playing some scenes in front of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in HBO's 'The Undoing'.

25-year-old Matilda de Angelis discusses playing some scenes in front of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in HBO’s ‘The Undoing’.

When De Angelis said that she was ready for sex scenes, she trusted Grant completely.

“Hughes said, ‘If anything seems excessive or inappropriate, let me know.” When you have someone who is so respected, you are also not worried. “You just let it go because the scene needs to feel real.”

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HBO also provided an intimacy coordinator but De Angelis revealed that she felt more comfortable with fewer people on the set, not seeing her.

De Angelis also told The Independent that it was director Susan Biar who made her feel empowered on set while naked.

“I felt really safe with Susan,” she recalled. “Really, really safe. I knew she could understand me completely and she would do what would be best for me and the project and the character – I never had to worry about that because she was a Woman. “

The rising star said, “They will come and say, ‘You can hold Hugh’s hand and put it wherever you want.” When you feel empowered and control things, it is easy. The problem is when you do not have that control. Only then can it be cruel. “

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“The Undoing” is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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