How Marvel Made the MCU Villain Into Its Most Sympathetic Character

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Ultron has been a threat to the Avengers for years, but as the Rotor of Ultron shows, he is just a boy looking for a father’s love.

Ultron is one of the most famous enemies of the Avengers, but unlike the portrayal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ultron’s father issues are directed at Hank Pime rather than Tony Stark. The AI ​​creation was made for as many reasons as he was in the film, but he quickly began to hate mankind, seeing it as pointless and only fit for extinction. but Ultron’s Fury Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, Pepe Larez, and Clayton Cowles reveal that Ultron’s anger towards existence is somewhat more tragic.

Ultron has come in various ways to torment, sabotage or annihilate the Avengers. but Ultron’s Fury Fans were introduced to the previously unknown version of Ultron, who attacked as Yeljacket during the days of Hank Pym. This Ultron (at the time) was considered the most dangerous version to date and was only minutes from access to the entirety of the United States nuclear arsenal. With no other conceivable way to stop him, Hank PIM used Ultron’s feelings towards the robot.

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Wounding himself, Hank forces Ultran to come to him. Although Ultron can scorn humanity, his feelings towards Hank are far more complex. The two see each other as father and son, even addressing each other but Ultron believes that he represents Hank’s true nature, hateful and violent. As a result of this embarrassing reflection that Ultron considers himself as he is, Hank is and will always want him dead, but Hank surprises Ultron by admitting that he hated at one point and is afraid of Ultron. In the end, Ultron was right. He was a reflection of Hank, but Hank still loved Ultron despite that face. Hank confirms him to be right before Hank traps him in a vibranium quinjet and launches him into space. There, Ultron would be stranded for years, he had nothing to do, but due to his own thoughts and anger he had to get alone for years.

He will return with a vengeance by hijacking the planet’s global technology system, transforming the world into planet Ultron and handling the planet Titan in no time. He then came to Earth with a new plan. Instead of just eliminating biological life, which he saw as having no purpose, he would reconfigure it, giving it its purpose. After uncovering a nano virus, Ultron started infecting billions of people and its purpose spread to the rest of the universe. Left with no choice but to face his son once again, Hank, who had become quite stiff from that point on, tries to stop Ultron by teaming up with Vision. Here, another factor of Ultron’s twisted family tree comes into play. The Vision was created by Ultron, making him his son and Hank’s grandson, but when Ultron went horribly wrong, the Vision itself became an Avenger. However, the Vision disparages Ultron for being explicitly rogue, proving that like humans, AI comes in all varieties, none being truly identical to the other.

Ultron’s time in space had given him time to reflect on his and Hank’s relationship and had made a shocking discovery: he was more than just a reflection of Hank. With time to turn inward as he entered space, Ultron discovered Hank’s memories within his database. And with this, he saw all of Hank’s struggles through life. He had understood that Hank had always rejected the world around him, he could never truly love himself because no one else showed up. So in fact, Ultron hated humanity and all the evil that followed, Hank.

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This is a terrible realization, as it means that Hank is fully capable of doing what he did, but also that Ultron never had a choice in his actions. He was little more than Hank without the need of humanity. So logically, he saw no need for the entire species. And things only get worse when Ultron fuses with Hank, completely removing Hank’s humanity. He must have destroyed everything, Starfox did not interfere and used his power to help Hank love himself. This sent the new Ultron into a mental breakdown as he escaped, freeing everyone he knew.

Sadly, Ultron returned several times to torment the Avengers. Each time it seemed as if Hank Pym was actually still fighting for control. But when Ultron began to woo people and robots, Iron Man found that once this process was completed, the robot’s part was merely emulating a personality that merged with organic. This meant that Hank Pym died long ago and Ultron was merely imitating his mind. This fact shattered Ultron and recurred.

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